04 March 2009

3 march 09

with His Name, one begins..

today was a bit bizzare situation one's facing..

feel like fainting,
yet Allah is keen on keeping one from doing so..

in lecture today, one starts to feel like old'time lecture..
things were blurry..
and one head and leg starts to shout for a rest..
though one here was not even doing any hard work at that time..

to Him one belong,
to Him one return..

and one know, it'll happen sooner or later..

one hope that if one chosen to feel it out first in the open air..
one have prepared one's heart, mind and soul to challenge it all..

and today, after today's liqa..
one feel sad again back inside..
the mc/talker said that:
if the person we chosed/aim to invite Him to Allah, decides not to do the righteous work,
then at least, let that person be the one who will support our work when others condamnd it. This can be done by giving technical work to that person..

now, to reflect oneself here back..
one have only been doing technical work..
its already one's final year in melb, yet one still been given technical work..
have one been decided not suitable to invite people to Allah,
and should then be sustain as a supportor..


they can put me aside..
but my deeds is only for You, Allah...
if they dont value me..
but i know, You forsee what's the best indeed for Your humble servant here..
so, i'll go foward, despite not being seen as capable to do so.

if they decide im goin against their rules, then its fine..
there a whole lot other jamaah that have the same intention, yet differ method..
and if they also deny my work..
then one will proceed with Him as one eyes, one action, one path that lies ahead in front ..

O Allah..
Help me here..
Only to You belong the heavens and the earth..

let me be where da'wah is needed the most..

let me die as an honorable servant in your sight..

self reflection mode..

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