14 March 2009

14 march 2009

dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, Maha Pengasih, Maha Penyayang..

hari ini bukak email kat uni, bila decide nk wat prog matlab tuk proj..
jadi b4 tu ingat bukak la email dulu..

and bila bukak yahoo email, at instance..
air mata mengalir..
my beloved sis has sent me an email..
and my beloved sis here corresponds to not my blood-ties sis,
but the faith that we hold on..

i really thought after these couple months, it was only me who misses her..
and today, i came to know, she remember me as well..
O Allah.. im really grateful for giving me this ukhuwah with her..
for letting me to get to know her..
and i really2 miss having her by my side..
she was always willing to help me, to acompany me, no matter what the state she's experiencing herself..
and now, this year, i no longer have that kind of frienship, sis bond anymore..
O Allah, guide her, help her, in any way that You please, that help her to increase her
faith to You. reassure her hearts in everything that she ecounter, she do..
Be her sight, her steps each moment that pass thru..
Love her more, much more than i do..

Assalamualaikum wbt adik=)
how are you? hope you are in the best state of health and iman insyaAllah Taala

Things must be getting hectic by the day for you now.. and knowing how you work.. subhaanallah..my prayers to Allah Tabrak waTaala that He'd give you patience and guide you throughout your journey

adik kuat! sbb adik ada Allah

things are different i guess after grad ni. its amazing how at one point of time, a person cn be soo sure of what they want, to not have nooo clue at all the next.
dunia telah creep in - and i know this is just the start. huhu.

haritu akak pergi interview exxon mobile.. the whole work environment there, the challenges, the people, the prestige and ultimately, the big pay and incentives - they were were all sooo interesting! sooo em.. you know how if dalam noble quran, they'll translate it as "glitters of the world" subhanallah..glitters. the heart's gravitating towards it.

after the interview, i knew i desperately needed to talk to someone. so despite pnut yg tgh ber-honeymoon (heheh..jgn bgtau dia i told you this) i called her up.

i was upset.. upset for the fact that masa kt melb i wanted nothing but dakwah to be my heart beat..my soul.. everything was revolving round it.. but it seems lately that dakwah has to tail me. i do something, and then later see if dakwah cn fit in..

astagfirullahal'azim.. ya Allah forgive me

and whether you want to believe it or not, everytime i feel weak, Allah will remind me of you.. your persistence regardless whatever that befalls you..

moga Allah terus bagi adik kekuatan sbb kekuatan yg Allah bg kat adik adlah kekuatan org sekeliling adik.

the candle is not there to light itself.

i thank Allah for making you that candle

Take care, ok dear!
may Allah be with you in strength, in spirit..and guide you wherever you shall be..

syg fillah insyaAllah Taala:
- k...-


syg adik. fillah insyaAllah Taala..
jazakillah khair..
jazakillah khair
rindu fillah

me lovefillah u too sis.. as long as Allah wills it.. i really do..

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