27 May 2007

WHY? ask Allah..Only He knows

Often do we whine, grumble..why do i need to take finals..why am i so busy these days with assignments.. WHy wHy.. WHY!!!!?

Rare would one say, Alhamdulillah..at least i get to enter one of the prestige university while there r many others outside there long for this opportunity.

When i heard this talk, it strike down deep inside my heart. I've forget for all His Blessings, His Mercy...
I reminded myself ever too oftenly that, i know He, My Lord will not burden me beyond my capability. This mean, im given, chosen to be here, taking this course, undergoing all the stress, as a test for me. Would i fail, or would i succeed..a question that always wonder in my mind.
He know my limit, my capability, meaning I need to find and give my inner strength all out for Him, for His test.. Others was not given because they can endure other test which i alone could not, and im capable of undergoing this test while others could not.. i imagine myself having least assignments, only 2 papers for the finals..what would i be then..what would i do..how would i carry with my life?
I knew the answer, cause i know who i am..and how i responds to things..
I would then waste my time, do things which would not make me remember Him, be ignorance at times..
Alhamdulillah, All Praise is only for Allah.. He gave me the opportunity to go beyond the limit i believed to have.. I know, this is a preparation for me to undergo a more challenge phase..
Life as Da'ie goes to a more challenging level for every steps that was taken..
I only ask of You, My Lord..i would able to withstand and endure Your test.. I would not fail at starting from the commencement till the end..till my last breath..
I believe,assert,declare with all my heart..
There is NO god EXCEPT ALLAH 'Azza wa Jala
and Muhammad is His Last Messenger..
Allah, give me strength, gave me guidance..
i hopw to be given the opportunity to meet You, one day..

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