10 June 2007

Today im going crazy I guess
Tension x tentu pasal
Bukan sebab study
May b sebab kesalahan sendri-yg embawa kepada penyakit hati
I tried to seek for His Guidance alone, in the cold night…it was… cool!?
Guees so, to have a Creator who’s alyaws watch over you/
Im sorry that I did not smile to my sisters today.. I guess, im afraid they’ll know im having major problem, but tried to hide it. That’s the problem. Im not a person who could talk bout my problem n feeling s straight to someone else. Hey, but I could be a good listener..
My eja in m’sia is groing chubbier.. Yeay!im happy bout that
Owh..how I miss to play with cats..They’ll play with me no matter what my feelings are at that time.
I need to try to get some sleep. I tried to study but it was unsuccessful.!

O Allah, take me to you, with the highest level of my faith to you….

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