25 May 2007

A sis gave me a meaningful message
"May Allah give u a rainbow 4 every storm,
a smile for every tear,
a promise for every care,
a blessing in each trial,
an answer to each prayer"
Short, yet it able to pour out the bags of water from the inner side of my eyes that, surprisingly are always able to give it all out at times.

Recently i used to cry, not for the heavy task, the business He gave me, but for the lack of my gratefulness towards Him.

I accept things to be as they should be. I accept why i was chosen to be in this course and not others, why am i here in melb and not in sydney with my sis, why i followed my parents decision to apply for abroad study where i could have juz continue my study in UTP, where the course is definitely easier with life would be easier in ignorance..
Alhamdulillah..All Praise and Grace is for Allah.

Today's khutbah talk about,
why people tend to forget, despite they are suppose to sit for finals, with the busyness of the assignments, they sigh, they complain. Rare did humans be grateful for being able to enter Melbourne University, a top rank uni, and able to undergo the course they take, and to sit for finals..
and i think, Allah is directing the message of the khutbah solely for me. I usually have discussion for the DP's project on friday, during solat jumma'h, yet today, my partner decide she didn't want to do it today. So im able to attend and hear the khutbah.

During the whole khutbah, i hold back my tears from running across my face, to prevent uncontrolled rolling of tears. Now, since there's no one around me , except my one and only Lord watching over me, im typing this post with tears running across my cheeks.

Every night i stayed up to finish my assignment, but i did not spend a few minutes of the long hours to prostrate 5 minutes to Him. Now, i realise, im being too absorb in the world...

Despite the fact that this blog is only readable by me, but it serve as a place to share my feeling to the unrealistic hamster...hammyjamie.. =)

Oh.. I hv to finish up another assignment.
Allah, O My Lord. i seek your forgiveness for my ignorance. I seek your help and guidance in every steps that i take, every move that i make.Allah, do not let me astray for i want to be among the rightoues on the day of judgement. Make my family, friends and all those who say and admit Laillahaillah-There is no Lord except You Allah, and none other worship except only You, My Lord.
Aamiiin...Ya Allah, perkenankanlah permintaan kudus hambaMu ini..

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