15 May 2010


today was meaningful day..memorable day..

in fact, this week was a wonder.. alhamdulilllah =] =] =]

a chat wif a sis who i tot was quite stern the other day (back in march)..

my outing wif my colleague y'day..

now, im looking 4wrd to the compny event this coming public hols..
subhanallah.. may it be in Ur best protection, my Lord..

this mornin was suppose to go for a T-Hunt.
but whn i arrive, i realise, i forgot to bring my hp..
which means, i had to go back home n take my hp..
i was late..
and while drivin.. i was on d lft lane, where 2 lorries ahead of me, causing the move to be even more in delay..
usually i wud have then change my lane, to speed up.. but sumhow, today, i choose to juz stay on dis slow moving lane..
and all of a sudden.. i heard loud screeching on my right, an a huge "BANG!".. a taxi hit a black car..
i know its wrong for me to say, Alhamdulillah.. but, i really did praise Allah SwT several times at that instance.. for He had protect me there.. He prevent my heart to make decision to b on the rite lane.. for if i did, i perhaps cud have been the one who been hit..
this reminds me that my life will not be long.. my soul cud have been taken anywhere, anytime..without im even realising it will happen..

ok, then i arrive at the mall.. i knew i had the feeling i shudnt be there, n i was rite..
yeah, it was suppose to trigger people to know about it, but, the play is more into grup play.. in i came alone, so cudnt play along..
so,from now on.. any event like this i shudnt have come.. its not worth it.. the car fuel, time, parking fee..
all a waste..

ok, next, later today, i've decided to go to an event at d mosque in KL with 2 of my sisters.. my to-be teacher friends..
tot it will be a great talk from people around the nation.. since it will be conducted in english..
but, much to our dissapointment.. it doesnt even met 1/2 of our expectation..
so, we went back early, after maghb prayer n had our dinner out 2gether..

but, truthfully, i wenr out with them, not really for the talk.. [ tho i was keen in hearing it at well at the beginning, but soon was dark with boredom..] its more for d meeting with my sisters..
alhamdulillah for d the opportunities letting me to do so..

hopefully i'll able to attend next week indoor gathering wid my new famly,, lahawlawala quwata illabillah..

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