10 May 2010

im getTíng fáTíqué m0r3 eásilý..
today im toO tired..
when i drove back home, with my head hurtínG
n as usual, it was a heavy traffic..
i accidently fall asleep while waiting in the ques..
didnt woke up until the front car was quite far from my car..
alhamdulillah, it did not cause accident..
n alhamdulillah i did not release the break im pressing on..
alhamdulillah 3x
actually, d car glass was vaporized due to the cold aircond,  which i guess made people not aware im (d driver) sleepin inside.. so that is y no one horn me..
ok2... klu gini berterusan, alamatnyer, ada high probability akn mnybbkn kemlgn yg tidk diingini..
now im too tired..
got to go 2 sleep now.. tho its still early.. not evn 9pm yet..
may dis rest is with Him..


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