01 May 2010

i$ i+ @ çRím3 2 L0v3...

wH3n  íNde3d  it$  @  f3eLling  th@+  L@y  i&síd3 ú$..

fór d çár3 2 bR3@th óN..

wí+h H0p3 i+ w0'nt g0n3..

súmOne pL3a$e guid3 m3 her3..

4 i'm n0w $túcK i& dí$ bóuNd..


Anonymous said...

its not a wrong thing, everyone was born with that feeling of love. it'll actually be not-normal for anyone who doesnt hav that feeling. so move on with it. dont suppress it away

h_v said...

i'll c how it goes. tq