12 March 2010

sumtimes.. i feel like im living in my own world..
i miss my brother.. my sister..
miss my hamster..
dunt know..
feel like im nobody.. use_less person..
n yeah.. a true friend is one who is with u at all time..
thru thick or thin..
near or far away..
and ackwardly.. i dont think im anyone true friend...
i thought coming back home i could talk to my pets..
but my cat juz gave birth.. so she's giving full attention to her babies..
ok.. now im jealous of my kittens..
-get a break dude.. pegi la kuar juper org..
u thought u could study.. but, dont think so now..
im getting far and further away from him..
i should not do so..
despite where i stand, where im breathing..
he should always be near me..
as uve declared ur love to him, endlessly b4..
look back at the gift he gave u..
at his words..full of meaningful...
get back..get back..
please do..

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