30 March 2010

again today i cook lunch for myself..
vege's + su-un +fish..
i didmt think anyone will bear to eat it...

ok, then my mum called said, she decided to come back for lunch..
ive to confessed to my mum, i did not cook anything except vege's soup..
alhmdllh, it was ok..-which means, no criticism on it.. as my father always does.. huhu

n suddnly called a call.. dont know who exactly, since i couldnt really get what that person is talking.

all i know, i was invited to attend a briefing 2morow..
ok.. ape2 la
since x buat ape.. pegi je la...
but the bad thing is, i need to go by public transport.. huhu..
this makes me missing riding bicycle more n more..

well, its for the best,insyaAllah..

bismillahi tawakatullah

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