20 March 2010

i dunno y
but i keep on writing about a friend..
i missed all my friends..
well, those who truly calls me a friend.. which i dont think many..
perhaps only a few.. 1 or 2..
never will i know.. who's my real friend is..
i kept on reading..
reading books i mean.. books after books..
but i kept on changing..[which means i did not finish reading it n change it..]
no wonder i couldnt concentrate in studying..
i cant keep consistent on 1 book..
just now i tried to study again.. but to nor success


i need to do sumthing else.. which i am..
writing to a friend.. a sister of mine.. who i wont be meeting till end of this year..

by then, she wont even be free anymore.. for she will have a new life of her own..
k.. i shud stop.. it getting me to go sadder and sadder (if exist such word)

-p/o(pen off)-

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