31 March 2010

ok, today im going to the briefing,,
was told by d caller to bring a photocpy of my degree certf n ic..
n the ory..
but my parents told me juz bring d photocopy...
my dad ask me not to attend dat briefng..
but my mum said juz attend to look its all about..

now i know, y my dad keep on askng me to wait..
n only to dis spcfc compny he agree for me to accept..
ok, i hope its for the best..

but it juz made me wonder.. if i were to go against he's will, am i gonna make him mad..
im not gonna try.. but i hopw this work comply to my state being -d way i dress,interaction to people, and enable me to go out for some prog at least..
but i know, its going 2 be tough..
nothing is easy in this world..
and d door i choose to unlock is certainly not fill with roses..

ya Rabb, keep me steadfast on d rite true path

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