12 November 2009

inilah roda hidup..

the amazing wheel...
that keeps on turning..
to move foward as each second pass by..
to move depite of bump and cracks that awaits at front...
and this wheels is no other, than the wheel of life..
life will continue to move foward, despite one wills for it or not..
since there's no stopping for it,
one might as well let its journey to be the best journey ever..
for this life on this earthly world is just once, and it will never come again once its gone..
and the aim of each journey is the destiny of the dream..
does not matter if its means all hardship and all work in the journey..
as long as one able to catch its dream place ...
despite there is saying that 'all hard work and no play makes jake a dull boy.. "..
one here would say, let it all be hard work, and let each obstacle as the play of this life..
for in the end, jake will never able to stop smiling from ear to ear and laughter will always be the rhythm of harmony to the ear..
so, lets face on to each obstacle that come... 
let it be the witness of the life in this temporary world, 
to tell it as stories to all in the life hereafter..

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