26 November 2009

alhamdulillah.. balik dari epot.. dapat lihat half moon yg sgt terang.. subhanallah..

hari ni.. or perhaps semalam since skng dh msk d next day,

aku dpt menikmati keindahan ciptaan Allah SwT..

oh... im really gonna miss melb becoz of the amazing scenery..

aku dh berjalan dari uni smpi flinders st.. then walk to spencer.. pastu gi docklands via train station bridge.. n lihat the amazing view.. subhanallah..
pastu jalan pulang... mungkin aku sbnrnya dah buat route rectangular across melb..
alhamdulillah.. thank u Allah for still giving me the strength to walk, to see, to hear..

1. walk and look at shops
2. walk and visit visitor guide centre..
3. walk and enjoy the sky, the wind..
4. walk and drink.. - mungkin x sopan kut..
5. walk back home

and today, balik jap.. mengotorkan kembali bilik yg pagi tadi dh kemaskan.. ceh..
n then, my delivery job begin once again.. ^_^
tapi skang.. since dh x da masa nk gi joggin wlpn bukan study, decided to do 2/3 things at one go..

1.cycling and delivery..
2.cycling and visiting..
3.cycling and inspect house..
4.cycling and delivery + short visiting
5.cycling back home to change bag
6.cycling and enjoy such an amazing scenery.. subhanallah..
7.cycling and enjoy the sunset.. and at last, stop to enjoy the sky view..

going such places, across melbourne.. one get to enjoy each of the scenery from different angle.. and believe me, it was such a breathtaking view..
ive to stop evert few minutes just to capture all of the wonderous scenes.
after enjoy the view.. went to postrate to the Creator of the wonders of the universe..

next the car trip begins..
1. eldoce and bought ice creams
2. went to park to enjoy the ice cream and night view from the park
3. went to pick up a friend
4. went back to cw to postrate to Him once again and check if anything was left behind..
5. of 2 d epot.. subhanallah, reach in 20mins without exceeding any spd lmts
6. drop all of them of and went to refill fuel
7. find place best to park d car..

now, in epot..
1. being a short tourist guide to my beloved sisters.. although all shop almost close.. but, it doesnt matter i guess. its the memories that count..
2. given a bag of jelly beans by my sis.. hihi.. mcm tau2 je aku ske jelly blly ^_^
3.my other sis called.. she has arrived.. and the others cant wait to check in..
4. farwell to my sisters and friend.. hope to meet again..insyaAllah..
5. pick up the car, and pick up my sister..
6. drove back home.. and drop of my friend/sis at her house
7. drop myself at home.. ops.. sory sis for giving u  a hard time, 2 let u drove urself back home after a long flite..

now im back at home..
did not ate any lunch nor dinner.. so went to get a bite or 2.. and now im back at my room..
nk tdo.. alrite laptop..
hope my day today -26/11 will be better than y'day..
la hawllawalaquwataillabillah

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