08 November 2009

back, central, fwrd differencing scheme..

which give much dissipative than the other..

i ve no idea..

ive tried to plot all..
but then, the further i let time pass, the more nonesense came out of it..

im grateful to Allah, for not putting Mt_lab in the exam ques..

if not, i dont think i cud even pass 1 paper..

ok, im doing past year.. mcm bley wat, tp kang time exam sebenar ada kang blank..

mcm blanko.. huhu.. ok2, tawakallah..
klu ingt pn, klu x da tawakal itu, mana mgkn lepas exam tu..
boleh je answer sheet hilang, koyak..
ntah ntah ntah..
ok, im back to my old self..
hny 'ntah' akn kuar sebagai jwpn dalm setiap persoalan.. but x bley dlm exam jwb 'ntah..'

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