06 November 2009


Feéls as if my face are breakin into pieces (in real, feels like parts of this face is tearing).huhu

and to make it much of a pain..

now even this heart n mind need to take a step back b4 deciding.

between the paths that lay in front,

the left or the right..the rear of the front..

juz like the road not taken poem, writtem by robert frost..

but now not the path that lies that i need to choose to walk..

its much of a complex scheme..

to take it by the hand.. means to let it burn from the eerie of the fire..

to throw it out far from reach.. means to let the whole village bleeds..

shud i chose to let this hand ruin.. or to let the whole world collapse..

ive decided back then, to let this hard burnt...

yet now, it wonder.. does it really benifits the world, to not let it burnt..