26 February 2009

d heart says...-2

as i open my eyes..
darkness fills my sight..
i look across, and i was surprised..
morning has long gone
and night has settled in
oh, what a day..
time has endlessly proceeds..

across the heavens,
beautifully scattered..
the gaze of wonders,
the stars of the universe..

beneath the glide of clouds,
shyly peeking pass it thru..
the glow of the crescent..
the light of the moon..
and one keep on wondering..
bout the moment of truth..

how was today..?
what has one portray?
has the truth been revealed..
to the eyesight blinded with falsehood within..

my love..
oh my Lord..
how has one shown one affection
that one endlessly say
would one love be accepted
will one be anguished
O Mightly Lord..
do accept one deeds
accept one Love..
though one carelessly taken care of it..
do take one back,
when one in her best state of faith within..

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