25 February 2009


with His name, i begin..

recently has been quite a week..

really grateful to You Allah, for giving me the opportunity to proceed my duty as Your humble servant..

im currently teaching myself Allah, to face all my pain with gratitude to You..

now im trying my best to smile at all times, no matter how painful it can be..

help me to do so my Lord..

my love is only for You, Allah.. and only You..

let each of my action display the beauty of Your Deen..

there's no one here that i can really express my feelings..

only to You Allah, only You..

whats in my heart, my soul, i dont need to express it out, for You have known whats deep down inside..

let the pain in my foot, leg, ribs and hands be a reminder for me, for my bad actions that i've done..

if each sickness You bestowed upon me could wash away my sins, i'll always be glad for the sickness to come by and streak..

if the time has come for me to go, before my parents' , do forgive their sins, for they were brought up in an environment of falsehood, and its my fault for not able to portray to them to the true teaching of islam.. forgive them Allah, forgive my mum, my dad, my sister, my brother.. and do forgive Your humble servant here Allah.. please forgive me..

and do give light of guidance to my beloved friends,
to zunita,
to akila,
to badriah,
to haslinda,
to hazirah,
to syafiqah,
to syaira..

help them to open up their hearts to You..
please do..

and bestow Your rahmah to all my beloved sisters, akhawat here in melbourne, in sydney, in canberra, in perth, in adelaide, in brisbane, in malaysia, and everywhere throughout the universe..

Ya Allah, jika Engkau mentakdirkan mati, matikanlah pemilik-pemilik hati kami sebagai para syuhada di jalanMu.. tetapkanlah kami di atas jalan yang hakiki..
jauhkan kami dari azab nerakaMu,
masukkkanlah kami ke dalam syurga FirdausMu..
redhailah segala amalan kami..
izinkan kami dalam memperjuangkan kebenaran melawan kebatilan di sisi..
bantulah kami dengan apa cara sekali pun,
hanya Engkau mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat diri kami..
Perkenankanlah Ya Allah..Ya Rahman.. Ya Rahim..

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