02 February 2009

prasie to Allah

i've taken supplement exams recently

i took it because i see the need to improve my grades..

one may say, "kejayaan di dunia itu tidak bermakna, kejayan akhirat itu yang kita kejari''

but i need to reply,

if thats the case, y did rasulullah encourage his companions to achieve great things in the world?

and to keep truth about this deen, in today's world, a high 'dunya' ranking play uphold an important positions.

im saying this because, i've look at my own parent perception

when they saw someone who's education level is not too high, they tend to look down upon them


I've took 3 paper for 2 subjects..

for i know i did not really study focusely
but He really did help me throughout the exams..
plus, He put reassurance in my heart..

im sorry my Lord..
i'll try to be ur humble servant here
keep me steadfast to the true path..
and if they go astray,
lead me away far from them
to You i belong, to YOu i'll return..

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