03 February 2009

dear beloved sis..

when one falls down, you held one arms

when one in despair, you gave one hope, that He is always there

you've help one thru..

no matter when nor where..


the sadness that fills your eyes..

striken one's heart

for she knows,

something is bothering you

your life

your heart

your mind

your soul

one feels the urge to grap hold of you

to be the pole for you to hold

as what you've been to one, not long time ago

yet no matter how one say

no matter how one portray

the real reliever of all distress

is Him,

and only Him..

the All Mighty..

yet one will easily be happy to lend a shoulder

to loan one's heart

to share one's time

for one beloved sis..

you are never alone..

in this world, nor high up above

Allah is always there for you..

so stay strong sis..

may He reassure your heart..

in every color

that fills this worldly life..

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