14 August 2010

how is that every day i woke up.. i'll regret on things i know i could have done better..
which back then, there some saying inside me that goes.. 
'u r juz dreaming gurl.. u'll never attain it in ur lifetime..'

i know, i could advise, motivate people to do better in their life, but in real, i could not motivate myself the same..
its all irony really..a sarcasm in fact.. 

i used to think, yes, it wont be an easy task to go up the hills..being bck here.. but its not impossible..

so, thats what i thought.. but, now.. im in doubt of it..

if frens are d one who'll hold ur back when u're about to slip..
i dunt think i have any here..
well, they keep on getting 'mad' @ me for not (they say) putting my full commitmnt..

well, i tried.. but i couldnt.. there's some1 said, tho it may not seem that ur fmly r d one who build u to stand there rite now, but they r the reason u choose to stand here..

being lost in this maze.. i'm not too convince wif this.. as i was brought up far awy from home since i start my hi-schl, whch i'l realise, wthout me been sent to brdng schol, i wont be choosing dis path as i should..

n i then realise, its all His plan all along.. since i was 11..

i might hv slip along d way if it wasnt Him who guide me to stay far uprite..

n now, i hav 2 stnd up high on this lane.. if i wanna fulfill my vow, to love Him more..

o my Lord.. keep me faith on dis ground till my day to meet U in bow..

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