09 August 2010


each seconds of our life.. is held by Him..

we could be jumping 5 mins ago. and the next second, we  could be lying facing down on the earth..

we could see the wide world.. and the next second, our sight could have been taken, and all seems dark and deemless..

as i've known previously..

i cud sumehow have an instinct of sumthng cud happen..

well.. for the past few days.. i keep on wondering.. will i able to breath in when the Holy Ramadhan steps in..

for i've been wondering far to the north east peninsular, and to the south ..

which at that journey , twice, i was to face an incident that remind me my life on this earth is as precious as what the soccer player will think about the game match on  the field..

and tho there was sumone accompany me at that time.. but it was me who held the direction of the match.. and the other person was actually sleeping beside.. which she wasnt aware of whats happening on the road.. and i think becoz of thinkin her life depends on me driving safely back home..

the 2nd time, it was me alone on the road.. with only to Him i hold on..

and today.. again it occur..

on the way TO my work place and on the way BACK to my home..

both incidents remind me that my time perhaps will come in soon..

honestly, i've wouldnt have figure it out that everything that ive been goin thru for the past 2 weeks till today, was to give me an Early Warning to be aware of this..

but today, when i was told by a sis in deen, a good sis of mine has just lost his dad today..

i've known her dad has been sick for sometime.. but it never occur to me, early this morning, was his last breath on this earth..

and now..

i keep on thinking, will it be my turn soon..

for i've asked,beg to Him..

if my time is up..

please let me enter this month of Ramadhan.. and fnish it..

let it be my last and my best...

before my turn to meet Him..

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