12 June 2010


sometime we thought.. when we are with them..
they are our friends.. our real true friends..
but once we are apart away from them..

then we'll know..

who really were our true friends..

for the words that come out might say they'll always be with us..

but the truth is.. you never even come across in their mind even for a second..

but, let them be them...

as i've once got an email saying that friends are like balloons..

once you let them go, they might flown up, further away from you..
and it'll be hard for you to get them back..
possibly loose them forever..

so, like it or not...
just tie them to your heart.. even the knot may hurt you a lot..
but sometimes, just the presence of the balloons will make you smile..

so, forgive and forget..for the scar..

as perhaps, one day.. you will be the one who'll un tangle the strings that been choking it to death..~

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