18 January 2010

hari ini g brunswick beli brg rumah..

gi museum, my most frequent place ive visited for the pass 4 years.. perhaps this was my 10th time..

but today, finally tgk Imax.. and i guess, mmg kepenatan kut, kerana org len enjoy the show, but i enjoy my sleep there..

next blk jap, and off we went to flinders..

memang dh berubah segalanya.. and most importantly, NO MORE free parking..

flate rate parking - $10..

mmg cekik darah.. but, x per la.. so, stayed there lama2, supaya worth it byr parking..

next gi kulyh tafsir.. and that is when my head start pounding..

and it was getting bad each minutes..

i was suppose to send my sis to the epot today, but i had to cancel my wish..

mmg x larat.. td nk solat isyak pun rasa cam nk pengsan.. until this very moment, baru ok skit..

but ni pun mmg dh x larat..

ok, nk kena tdo dh ni.. cmne ntah nk bntg IS esok.. pebenda pn x smpt nk cari lagi..


-pen off-

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