31 October 2009

pens off

ive now decided to stop public access to d MHs blog..
my original intention of writing/typng in dat blog was to remind myself what i should do..

and i think(bukan nk perasan, but i have a feeling), a lot and a lot of people are visiting it day by day.. i shud cut d visits down..

i guess, ive shud never have let it to be publize in d 1st place..

couldnt bare to be asked again in the day of judgement..

woe to u..
y did u not do what u ask others to do..


and thats what i think ive been lately..
my action each seconds were contradicting on what ive learned all these while..
and what ive asked others to do..

and becoz of this, there's no point of me writing all the stuff, as there are a lot others who had written everythng ive wrote down b4..
and even if i were to write, it'l juz b useless, as it does not come from a pure heart..

now, i juz need to go back writing whatever i want to other blog..
hope no one have/remember d addesss of d other  blog..

and talking bout feelings..

i dont know why, sometimes (if not always),
what those around me are feeling in their mind or heart will affect me, although they rarely share with me whats burdening inside them..

its not that i have a vision of sunthin..

but i guess, i juz knew..

sumtimes i wont know it instantly that its actually others people mixed_prob, n not mine..
it may hav cause me to be a lot in stress/tension/confusion etc. state
becoz i need to figure out who's facing d prob, as wont be able to ease whats mixed in my 'corrupted' mind without knowing who's having it and how can i help..

but i think, is a way that He want me to get close to people..
(which mainly wud be my md'u,adik2,friends-n sumtimes my elders sisters, in which if its them, i try my best to avoid for one will never able to help them)
i shud never be regret of havin it..

ok, stop. am not goin to say anythng anymore bout it.. its causing me to be confius whats real and whats juz came from my imagination