23 October 2009

feel like my brain is about to burst..

went outside for a 'walk' with my 'book' .. and sat alone in the park...
thought of playing there..
tapi segan la plak.. ada org tgh men basket ball plak..
but its ok..
went and sat alone facing the roads and the sunset..
on my  phone music player as loud as i could.. as i dont want to hear anything thats happening around me..
sooner or later.. i think im going deaf becoz of this.. haish..
thought of staying there till dark..
yet i know.. if i fall asleep there.. if not faint... no one will know who i was.. i didnt even brought any id with me..
such a pathetic person..
boleh x nk mkn ubat in excess.. could not bear it any more..
feel like cutting it and take it out..
yet i know.. to cut it will be more unbearable..
help me my Lord. help one here..