06 November 2007

Though the heart says "Yes, I believe"
Though the mind says, "Really i do!"
Nonetheless, when the soul felt being refute, disavow,
The consciousness will feel at distress for the conflicting notion of self

This is what i experience, and i know u do to my friend, but what kept me stand here, cause i believe, what i feel is a part of His test towards my pledge for Him. Thus, find ways to keep and rebuilt your relation with The One, as i did today..jzkllh ukhti N & IF for the company..

Dont let the distress of d exam get in ur way..
Fight off d whispering of the syaitthon..

May Allah Guide us all and dont let us go astray.

And as a reinstate what pemusafir says;
"Patience is the virtue of confronting this conflicts n problems. Allah is with those who are patience"

All d best =)

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