06 November 2007

Once, not long ago
it was covered in greens
bright red, peaceful pink,
smiling yellow, gleaming orange
increase it attractiveness
towards the working armies
collecting honeys from crack of dawn till dusk
from red to pink, orange to yellow
weary certainly its not in their jargon

Now, as time pass by
environs starts to chill
the break of day is there
but don't be fool
by heat it disseminates
since its rarely provides balminess
nowadays and further ahead

oH, strange thing is happening
the bright greens has started to shrivel
Pale to dark brown begins to take place
From thick bush to sparse frame
No matter which angle you turn
in sight will be the same befall

Now you're getting it
Say ta~ta to Mr.Summer
and welcome the extant autumn
What mystery lies underneath the pile of brown shriveled leaves?
Who knows? until one decide to uncover it
Thereby don't miss this coming autumn holiday
unveil the pass
As it could be the future of it
Learn bout the failure
So none could ever repeat it
Truth bout the success
should be in heart of individuals Muslim

Be there or resent the fundamental knowledge that lies within
ISK!!! yeay!!

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