06 November 2007

have a look outside ur window..
what do u see?
what do u hear?
what does your heart tells u? it wont lie to you now for sure..
can u :
see the breezing winds keep the leaves on the trees vibrating rhythmically?
hear the music of the rhythm keep humming through our ear drum in symphony..?
smell of the blooming flowers at the rise of the sun..?
when it happens, you feel calm and at ease..
in fact, at times the panorama will be somewhat breathtaking..

ever wonder the story behind the beautiful n magnificent creation?
ever be thankfull to the Creator and Sustainor of the Universe?

Well, most of us won't..
We take our 5 senses as granted..the 5 will always be there whenever we need it..
so that was what we thought..

He give us what He wants and when He thinks we need it. If we're not grateful for what He has given us, beware, cause anytime from now, your gift will be taken back..

Spend some time to contemplate, 'do i really deserve these gift from Him?'
Think about the blind, the deaf..
They could not see the way you see the world
They could not hear the smiles and laughter of the universe
Yet, most of them heared His words..
Not in a way we hear the recitation of the Qurans, the words of the prophet (pbuh)-hadeeths..
Still, they do not obligate to the mandate of Allah
Thus,are not we who are blind and we who are deaf..if we deny Allah's word.. and deny His prophets..
We sympathize them..yet we were the one who they sympathize..

So everytime you're out there, to see the world.. put on ur islamic glasses(kaca mata islam)
like the leaves, turn over, turn around, change urself..
the world needs people who are sighted and mindful..

Be the sighted
Be the mindful
Dont be blinded by those around you

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