11 June 2007

i accept whatever He wills

i word, i need to talk bout it again n again..
i know, some may look n me n think, she's not taking the test on her really well..
I'm not trying to be su'uzon with those around me, but i develop, a skill, (not to be proud, naudzubillah), to interpret people view on my. Thats why i try to avoid talking in public, cause i know, when i talk to them, what they tend to think of me..


I need to strive for this wed paper..
no more whining please!
hammy, i need to touch n feel the softness of ur fur..huhu~ missing the animals...

O Allah, i hope u would bear my whining n ungrateful feeling that i tend to develop..im really trying to improve myself here. Help me out here O Allah..
Your Guidance, is what i really need.

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