29 March 2012

i dont know why.. but people have the tendency to overlooked my ability to do any task and work..

is it cause by my 'child' look..? or i am so easy to be pass on..

well, now at my work place, my HOD do not trust my ability to work..

1. whenever i do my so called project, she will question it.. either loudly or queietly.. i do know this because instead of using the work i've done to be submitted to our clients, she will use the one previously done by my colleage who has a few years experience done me.. well, the thing is, although the project seem similar.. but do know, there are differences between the specifications given in my project as compare to the one by my work mate..

2. i did my project by going thru the specifications carefully, yet, when our workmate across the sea question the one that i've proposed, she automatically blamed me, saying i'm not taking my job seriously.. but honestly, when i confront face to face, then only she goes thru the work i did, and saw i fulfilled the specifications required by the client.. and oh.. she embarassed me in front of all work mate by including everyone in the email she sent to me, demanding to comply with the client's requisition...

3. i have not been given any opporutnity to attend meetings... well, i do need to attend to train up my skills to face and address client in the future..well, if im still working there..
the thing is, im just a desk worker for one and a half years.. as i recalled, when i was given the choice of choosing between this work or the sales, she told me, both work have the opportunity ot travel a lot.. well, until this very moment, im yet to see it come true as promised..

now u see.. why i think i should find a job.. at a place that value my work..
hmm.. oh, well, my boss appreciate my work..
its just my HOD who deemed otherwise..

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