25 February 2012

today, im not sure why... but it keep on popping on my mind.. the 'if' dilemma..

> if i had done xxx  back then, perhaps things will have been xxxx

toO much if's been gagging me...

i know.. its not good to laid the 'if' dilemma in me..

but im not sure why and how it ever come across my mind out of a sudden..

i dont think i did anything to trigger it out..

hm.. perhaps this is a disturbance by the so-called shaitan..

well.. i have to take a different approach to address this dilemma..

while the 'if' could not be turn back.. i should then do it now.. in the presence..

there is never a limit or boundary to begin fresh in new things..

so, i should do it all.. while i still last on this earth.. better now or never..

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