05 January 2011

alhamdulillahi ala kulli hal..

is granted d chance 2 still breath in.. despite all ongoing things that been evolving around me..

alhamdulillah 4 d new work..
this new work place, despite its surround by factories, and its a mix  of all sort of races.. as far i can say, d base of islamic teachings are still there..
this shouldn't be any reason why i should not portray this deen proudly..

alhamdulillah ya rabb..
for this pair of eyes.. when i can see, while many others have this gift tuck aside..

alhamdulillah for these legs..
get me moving, finding nourishment..

alhamdulillah for my 10 fingers..
tho they are striving to make each move to this very sec..
d greatest thanks i should lay it out to You, as for the past 23 years, these are the fingers that u gave me, to use it in every possible action..
without them, i will not be here, as i'm now..
alhamdulillah :)

d motion of love You've bestow in me..
make me love all the living animals thats lifted onto this earth..
i may not be a person who knows how to talk n socialize with people..
and with this, You gave me the bond with the animals around..

alhamdulillah to Lord of the whole Universe..
im still given d lifetime of living along with my mum..
others might look at my mum and think, "pity u, it must been hard to live up ur deen by having her around.."
but i LOVE my mum more than other people around..
she may not live up the deed, but her heart always seems to be cleanse by pure water each day..

well, there's a lot more and great provisions bestowed upon.. and there are no kind of thanks i could give..
but, i do love my LORD.. Allah Subhanna wa Ta'ala

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