03 October 2010

yesterday.. juz went thru a book..

and it was stating there are several groups of people in this world..

one of it regards to people who have this 'nasionalisme' in the motto they held..

and under it, there are several types of nasionalisme..

and one is those who fight for it for their own benefits..
(nasionalisme kepentingan)

and today.. i realise.. there are also these kind of friends in this world..

there are:

1. friends of all time.. :)
2. friends when in need to benefit themselves.. :(
3. friends who only there to share our laughter :(
4. friends who are only there to now more about or weaknesses :(
5. friends who wants to make sure they will always be top on us in everything :(
6. friends who want to share their advantages to us :)

and recently, about a month ago, a friend of mine from abroad suddenly emailed me..
it started with flowery words, and end with a request..
how could i push this favor.. for she's my friend since from high school..
but, thats the end.. after trying my best to fulfill this small favor.. and thats it.. end of our contact/msg..

and today, another friend's which i guess, juz recalled i ever exist, when in need of somthing that im the only one who could fulfill it (i think) contact me..


looks like 95% of the people around me like to take advantage of me..

in my workplace, the same occurred..

do i LOOK really fragile/easy to be bullied.. hm..

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