03 May 2015

today marks the 3rd day of the public hols..

and today marks a week of my sore throat with dry cough which distrupt me from enjoying my hols.. 

huhu.. i know i should be grateful of it, as it reminds me that i am still under His care..

nonetheless, it make me wonder on others out there, who might even be in a worse condition..

how do i, will i, respond to their current state if i were placed in their shoes..?

will i be sad..

will i be depress..

or will i be angry..

or distress..

Only He knows best..

no matter what situation i am or will be placed in,
i have to remember, its for the best.
for He knows i'm able to 'handle' it..

as was stated in chapter 2, verse 216 of the Quran, which somehow meant that only He knows best as in our life, there are things that happen is to our dislike, but later on its actually good for us.. and the one that we prefer to occur will actually bring more harm.. 


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