20 June 2012

wow.. it has been more than 4 months i've written something here..

well, it might be becoz i either did not have the mood the write.. or i did'nt have anything to shout it loud here..

at work, the past couple of weeks are the most hectic time i guess..

since there's only 4 of us in specific sector, and 1 of us are warded because of an injury and the other 1 is always out to meet client, it only left to us both.. while the work is coming on heavier and heavier each week..

and from both of us who are available in the office, 1 have other work to focus too.. and sadly, it left me alone to carry out all..

well, it's not that i'm whining or anything.. as believe it or not, i somehow enjoyed these busy weeks...

rather than the days where there are no work to be done.. and waiting for time to pass by..

and to be exact, out of the 8 works, there's left only two to be done..

today, the one who meets the clients return to the office, i willingly give one of my unfinished work to him as to be truth, i actually only have a vague idea on how to run it..

or else, i certainly love finished it voluntarily..

honestly, im a person who like to start a job, and finish it well, without delay and without putting on burden to others..

and there's only 1 more work i need to finish it out by end of this week,,

All Mighty Lord, Allah SwTaála, please ease me my work.. as my work is solely with the intention for Your Pleasure..

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