19 February 2011

recently i accidentally burnt my left hand..
the pain was extremely unbearable.. and i was at the work place at the time this incident occur..~
i can't complain to my workmates..
so yeah, i felt like screaming like #$%^&*..
but then, i know it wont make any better..
thought i would not able to type or drive for that matter..
and then again, im worng..
nothing beats its the best than His will..

it has now been 3 months since this numbness to my palm and fingers occured..and it still has not recover..
but im glad, despite the numbness, my hand could still feel the pain when the boiled water spill onto my hand..
its weird isn't it..

today, somehow, my mind return back my memory to a story i've learnt when i was in my upper secondary school..
the Lótus eáter..
the plot of the story somehow make me wonder.. will my life be like the banker in the story..?
i can plan.. but to what extend will it go with the plan..?
i can;t imagine until what age i'll live on..
despite the urgent need to return to the live of the other side..
i know i won't able to face it with distinction in the evaluation time..

hm.. ya Rabb..
do forgive my sins that i've develop accidently or with intention to it..
nothing will ever make this sins tarnish except with Your Forgiveness my Lord..

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