18 July 2010


>>16th:   my leg struggle to stand still.. in solah.. both wobbles like about to collaspe..& my back felt like being smashed by something hard

>>17th: my leg before now suffers pain as if i've just finish of a 10km race.. & continue to get worse..

>>18th: still sore in the leg and pain when walking.. tho its pain solah.. but im grateful it doesnt shake anymore when standing still.. but now, if i move my head of a sudden, my right back head crushed instantaneously.. &my right fingers not functioning really well..
but then again, without moving my head has actually triggered the pain to appear out of nowhere..

oh, i need to record this becoz apparently my doc here insist to know the exact date and duration of each incident..

but, only today i remembered to record it.. anything else b4, i forgot to do so..

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