14 June 2008

l0ng time since i've written here
but now i really need to express out my heart confession
if to end our own life is not a sin.. i think,, i would have killed myself..
if there is not judgment in the world after.. i would have jumped from the top of the building

Allah.. im in need of your love.. i often wonder.. do i have Your love.. becoz.. this morning i heard a hadith in the morning tazkirah..
if Allah love someone, He'll tell the angels to love that person too.. and the angels will ask all on the earth to love that person..
And to look back.. i dont even think im loveable by the creatures on the earth..
the animals run away from me..
humans...... so hard to say bout them.. i dont want any gifts if others may have obtain a whole lot of it..
i only want, in need of support.. but then...............................
Allah.. please accept me as Your humble servant.. Do forgive me for the sins i've made.. for the uncertainty u developed in me..
i do in need of You
Only You i have..

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