10 August 2007

10/08/07 9.05pm

i miss my hamsters
huhu~ iwanna hug some cute animals
ok2, need to finish design by tonite, insyaAllah...no matter how long it takes..
last nite i did not even sleep for feedback control assgmnt which was supposed to be handed in by today 5pm. But suddenly, when i look at lms, Chriz manzie has changed the due date, extending it..huhu~
never mind, at least i got less assignment to think bout this weekend..
yeay rite!!
u got lab report to submit + comp mech assngmt lol!
cmne leh x ingt ni
1st design dulu
Ya Allah, aku bermula dengan namaMu
Naungan dariMu ku pinta
Berilah petunjuk dan hidayahMu
Sipikan aku dengan berkat masa..

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