24 April 2011

22 april 2011:
i had a very weird dream last nite, and it seems so real.. like the scenes around me are really happening..
i dream on having my marriage with one of my schoolmate, secondary schoolmate.. cky

it was planned marriage, arranged by my mum, who got to know him once, when we were having open house for the raya event in 2005...

in that dream, i asked my mum, how did she managed to get my friend to marry me.. and she told me, through FB
my mum recognized him in my friend’s list and i guess, she further probbed in his life by asking him whether he’s interested in marrying me..

on my wedding day (in this dream), only both sides parents and we know of about the marriage.. and after the marriage, we live separately and the people around us did not know we were married..

it was good to know i did not live with him, as i did not even remember when and where was the akad nikah..
the 1 night dream seems like a week of life..
24th April..
wow.. i could not interpret what my dream is proposing to me.. it seem to me its a sign that something is about to happen..?
come to think bout it, after the dream, i got the news my friend is gonna wed soon..

well, it is a sign..
and i guess, this happen again..
where i used to have interpration of what gonna happen, but its just that im not sure who will be the real person to the person i dream..


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